Top-Secret UFO Files Could 'Gravely Damage' US National Security if Released, Navy Says

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I laugh when I see statements like this from the Navy. First they get caught out because someone got hold of the sensitive footage. Deny it; then come clean because they don't have a choice; then they again go back on it and claim as always the BS excuse of National Security.
Well here is the thing. IF these things are from outer space or inter-dimensional then they are way more advanced than the supposed most advanced nation on the planet, meaning that they could invade and take us easily.
Instead of denying everything and making everything all X-Files come clean. Admit it. Say "hey", not sure where they are from; pretty sure they are not out to kill us all; however as embarrassing as it is we are not sure what the hell they are but not from the here and now.
Then get the scientific community involved; get the funding to study seriously what is going on and even hazard a guess at realistically what they could be. Be it Interstellar visitors (which makes most sense but doesn't necessarily mean it is - however objects have been seen in space frequently above the Earth), inter-dimensional, time-travellers or whatever.
If Time-Travellers; least likely to try to alter anything because how it could effect their own future; unless they have crazy computers that can create ultra-reliable algorithms for each thing they do, so they can fix or alter things to allow them to get back to their future.
If inter-dimensional; it actually maybe impossible for them to exist in our dimension for too long, so why would they invade?
If Interstellar Travellers; They can travel at faster than the speed of light to get here; or use wormholes or some quantum-entanglement kind of device to allow them to travel instantly here or something similar; it also means they are WAY more advanced than us. Think of this IF WE were that advanced the chances are we would eliminate ourselves way before we even made interstellar flight because we would be too busy blowing ourselves up with my gun is bigger than your gun.
I feel humans are still primitive and hence why we still indulge in war and hate. I feel a alien race sophisticated enough to traverse the stars would not be war-like but more peaceful and this is the reason they have developed to this point.
Greed prevents us from most advances. That's why there are still wars for oil (regardless of why they say they start these wars or hostilities) and other money based glory.
Religious people see these things as lies/ demons or whatever because it takes away their special place in the cosmos - that God made man and man alone. Kinda sucks to think you're not that special after-all.
Skeptics, deny still, no matter what the evidence because they don't want to lose face.
There is plenty of evidence to say that something exotic is going on and not just now either; study the subject and not stuff like Roswell but other stuff like the mysterious airships of the 1800's or the 1561 celestial phenomenon over Nuremberg; for all those saying they're secret government aircraft.
Let's be realistic and less dismissive and finally realize that there is "something" that is exotic and somewhat cool that we don't understand that is in our atmosphere.
With real research by experts without the worry of being ridiculed like in the past maybe we can start getting some answers. Tired of all these "experts" who really know nothing. It's easy to dismiss something and scientifically speaking also very lazy. Instead of calling BS and looking for anything to dismiss it with "It' balloons, swam gas, an illusion, the planet Venus" give people credit and understand just because many people are not professionals or experts doesn't make them idiots or fools. Research what they're saying before drawing conclusion. I find it kind of insulting that we'll take a story told by a police officer more serious than a janitor or factory worker. A police officer is just as likely to lie as a janitor or a janitor can be equally as smart and knowledgeable as a police officer.
One last note on the whole alien scenario is this. IF these things are alien and people worry about invasion, think of all the virus's, bacteria and the likes out there that could quite simply make this planet deadly and hostile to them (without humans who would inevitably try and get that technology by force). It may prevent them from contacting us for this very reason; the other is the human race itself.

Just because the justice department and fbi lie about security concerns.......doesn't mean the navy does. Have you ever studied or worked with electronics? How about radio and remote sensing? DSP?

We have extremely quick and precise sensors......because of secret methods. These methods can be exposed just by looking at a display screen. Some screens have to be edited, even for high ranking officers.

We are far above all others in tracking and hitting mach plus projectiles........and we do not want to give that away.

That said.....we you hear of perpendicular turns and super high accelerations......and changing thru matter interfaces......such as air into water.........look for equipment and/or network or programming errors and failures.

As for UFOs, the only data I will believe is from my own eyes.
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Nov 17, 2020
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I say let the military decide what's best for us. If they know something which they obviously do and deem it too risky to be let out to the public then I say let's stand behind out military. I believe in them and what they are doing and if they say it's not for public eyes then so be it. What would the public do with knowing more about craft in our skies that exhibit radical new capabilities. It's the militaries job to handle such events and I believe they are doing just that. Whatever we get here and there as far as information great but let's let the military decide how it gets distributed.
Your blind trust in the good and wise intentions of the military (or authorities in general) is heart warming but totally misguided.