Time + coherent Math + Spatial (decoherence) = Spacetime(GR)?

Dec 23, 2019
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Is spatial and decoherence the same thing?
Is spacetime and GR the same thing?

Time = Mathematical Rotation

Golden ratio x (repeated multiplication with itself 700) / Pi = mathematical rotation + 0.1%
Jan 1, 2020
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I watched a factual programme about time travel the other week -it was most interesting it ws narrated by Zachery Quinto ( Dr Spock) & he flew to Liverpool (UK) because people who have walked down Bold Street have reported evidence of a very quick timeslip - theyre witnessing that one minute theyre in the present day as it were -the next theyre in a another era but its only a spiit of a second or so & they actually showed it -it was very wierd

Its called In search of Time Travel
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