Thousands of Government UFO Reports Now Available at Canadian University

Dec 13, 2019
What is not included in the 30,000 documents is my book, Why Won't They Believe Me? Four of us saw the saucer! TWICE! In my book, I tell the story of our close encounter with a flying saucer.That story was so compelling that the UFO Museum in Roswell purchased my book. In addition, Stanton Friedman's comment to me about our encounter appears on the back cover.

As pictured in a drawing that appears in this UFO Reports article, the craft we saw was similar. The top portion resembled an inverted cup; there were rectangular windows around the top in the one we saw. Because it was so close to us, we were able to see those windows clearly. Using binoculars, we were able to fill the lens with one of those windows.

In the past months, I have been able to make presentations about our close encounter. My hope is that the "Canadian University" will also be interested in hearing my story...or, at least, reading my book about it.
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