There Might Be Cracks in the Universe — But We Can't See Them from Earth

Nov 29, 2019
WHAT IF THERE WAS no BIG BANG as explosion creating everything... THAT IS A EUROPEAN CONSTRUCT THEY BEING THE YOUNGEST MOST IMMATURE CIVILISATION... What if everything existed and then the big bang was sound and that put everything in motion. Hence Nothing is everything without sound
Nov 26, 2019
What if your perceiving them as cracks?, but they are actually something real but of a different form? One that has a better more plausible contribution to the fine tuned system, where everything happens for a reason! If you was presented a picture of lightening on Earth but had no other information about it, and never seen it before, would you come to the conclusion that the sky was cracked? Once all information is correctly established, only then would the true event be understood.
Jan 24, 2020
Phase boundaries can only exist if space is quantised, and there is no evidence, only speculation, that things like causal set theory have any reality. My view is that General Relativity is EXACT, and space is continuous. The effort to quantise gravity to make it mesh with quantum mechanics is misguided, as GR is fine as is and QM needs no modification to account for gravitational influence. Both GR and QM are very nearly pure mathematics, where the theory comes from taking a general case, namely all possible curvatures and stress energy for GR, and noting some contractions and symmetries that make the general case into the theory we have. What needs to change is the "standard model" which is known to be incomplete, and rife with adjustable parameters. In GR there are only two, the value of G and the value of the cosmological constant, which Occam's razor cannot cut down any farther.
Feb 19, 2020
This is fun to think about. Just like if you think about what is outside of the known universe. There could be anything! Including nothing. Even if a multiverse exists, nothing would still be in between the universes. Also, this article described it in a way that suggests (in my opinion) that the correct term isn't cracks, rather intersections, like when you make bubbles and put them all together. Also: the concept of the infinite space beyond our universe. Think about it really, really hard: humans have been taught that everything has an end, what goes up must come down, etc. But isn't it fun to think about how there is an infinite space beyond our universe? "Where does it end?" "It doesn't!" "Why?" "Because it can't." Why can't it? Because if it ended, what would be beyond that? Have fun sleeping.