The US just hit 1 million cases of coronavirus

Feb 5, 2020
That's about .3% of the U.S. population. Doesn't see to be an alarming number unless you or a loved one happened to be infected.
Apr 28, 2020
The real truth comes in comparing deaths/1M population (Worldometer).
US is 179/1M, Spain is 510/1M, Belgium 633/1M, Italy 453/1M . This is as at 28th April. On top of that, it's likely some countries are not reporting correctly. China may come up as 3/1M, Iran at 70/1M - but who knows?
It would have helped if you had stated this aspect in your article.
Jan 6, 2020
And figuring for the 60% of youth who show no symptoms and the large preportion of mildly symptomatic who are playing "Ring Around The Rosie" hiding their symptoms to maintain a degree of socioeconomic functionality xx the 3% you cite is likely really 10% or higher. Who wants to be a focus of quarantine pressure?

So it's: "Ring around the Rosie (the red ring around the bubonic plague buboe), pocket full of posies (hiding the stench of infection), ashes, ashes,(what you turn into when burned), all fall down.
The really bad thing is that if you or I were to discover miraculous simple treatments today, they wouldn't get published, tested nor commonly used, and in a year or two would be remembered as old wives tales and myth. Our "science" would repress and suppress the science, prevent information dispersal in the name of disinformation busting along with the real disinformation, and even that which was revealed as truly useful experimentally and epidemiologically behind the scenes would be willfully ignored due to powerful conflicts of interest which would conflate whatever it was that was truly efficacious with homeopathic nonsense. Such truth as is determinable is doomed to be ignored, denigrated and forgotten. That is the truth about the quasiscience of modern medicine.
Apr 23, 2020
The United States has reported 1 million cases of COVID-19 nationwide, as of today (April 28). That's about two thirds of all reported cases of the disease in the world.

The US just hit 1 million cases of coronavirus : Read more
Don't these numbers make TRUMP look like a total A-hole after his frivolous comments , "Oh it will come and go just like many before."
The crushing blow for him is that a Microscopic Virus is way way bigger than his ownership of his Extremely Narcissistic worldview.
Humbling indeed but I don't expect him to acknowledge that.


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