The Shape of Our Universe - Conjecture (but with logic)

Nov 19, 2021
I wish to attach 3 Files
1. A spreadsheet that allows the entry of any "Age of the Universe" you might fancy. Giving the corresponding HUBBLE CONSTANT
2. Another spreadsheet worked years apart to do the same thing. Both use primary school mathematics but one more so!
3. A drawing Justification for suggesting that the Age of the universe can be used as a radius (spacetime units) that also hints at the flatness problem solution (?)

It is obvious that the visible universe is spherical even if we think of it as a Ball. Could it be that the Visible universe is the universe as a physical thing with an event Horizon?
As we are all separated by distance (spacetime units) is each universe we exist in slightly different ? Or is it the same due to "Gravity Bonding" of some sort ?

PROBLEM: The attempted attached files do not have the right extension. So I cannot post them - just a scan then and if you are interested I can send email with complete files.