The north magnetic pole is leaving Canada for Siberia. These 'blobs' may be the reason why.

Jan 13, 2020
Of course the trigger mechanism was left out. I'll give you a hint: 1859 Carrington Event. Magnets are not always Jerks, but this one sure was! OK. So, it was the super solar storm of 1859 that cause the magnetic jerk of Earth. Now we see the Magnetic North Pole traveling from the Mackenzie Dike Swarm in Canada to the Putorana Plateau in the Siberian Traps of Russia. Both the Mackenzie Dike Swarm and the Putorana Plateau are very rich in metallic ores. Norilsk Nickel Mine is on the Putorana Plateau.. The Parker Solar Probe is proving that Earth Travels through the Sun's Current Sheet. It is also true that the Sun travels through the Milky Way's Galactic Current Sheet. When the Sun crosses that sheet, a huge disruption to our solar system occurs, including major solar flairs, like the Carrington Event. We are connected electromagnetically to our Milky Way Galaxy, even to the magneto-electrohydrodynamic center (plasma). There is a lot of stuff to unpack about this Pole Shift/Magnetic Reversal. The Magnetic Brake was applied to the Earth in 1859 and we are really starting notice the effects now. So, yeah, it's complicated.
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May 23, 2020
These magnetic blobs slowly urge Canada closer to Serbia. The blobs come from the maganetic lines that poke out as stated in the article. The North magnetic pole was first discovered in 1831 and as we see these unusual blobs cause this phenomenon. The blob from under Canada divided into two smaller blobs causing the weakening of the Canadian patch on Earth's surface. The higher intensity blob then joined with the Serbian blob causing it to grow in overall intensity. After reading this article I have learned about the study about how these blobs change and cause the Earth's magnetic field to shift.