The Nano satellites which are about to launch soon


Nov 18, 2020
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The Nano satellire Have you ever heard about a Nanosatellite that is about to send soon? In the next two months, four shoebox-sized, government-funded satellites will run alongside an orbital global fleet of space objects in low Earth orbit. It's said that The nanosatellites due for launch are approximately no larger than the size of a shoebox, though can carry out all functions of that of a conventional satellite. The nanosatellites were entirely designed and manufactured by Spire Global UK, having integrated and tested the complete spacecraft in the company’s headquarters based in Glasgow.
I believe we can easily launch small loads from jets and balloons now. This ability is probably older than we know, possibly more sophisticated than known and backing up other military options. It appears to be cheap. And fast and relocatable.

They will probably launch from hyper velocity craft in the future. We might end up flying into space after all. But we still need a cheap broom, for all the junk.
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