The Mandatory Deviation Principle


Oct 17, 2020
There is a very simple principle, preceding the Mandatory Deviation Principle, that one should understand before we proceed.
That, is the Infinite Precision Principle.
Both can be explained quite simply, using the basic geometric analogy of a square.
The Infinite Precision Principle dictates this: take a square. You measure it with a ruler, you get exactly one inch per side. Great.
Moving on, right?
Not so fast.
You decide to amp it up a bit and measure that square to the nearest 10,000th of an inch. You measure again, and this time you get 1.0001 inches. Your initial measurement appeared accurate, but a higher degree of precision found this to be untrue.
The Infinite Precision Principle states this: no matter how accurate you think your measurement of the dimensions of an object are, there is always infinite room to improve upon your measurement. No matter how many times or to what degree of precision you magnify your measurements, a higher degree of precision will eventually prove your initial measurement inaccurate.
The Mandatory Deviation Principle, when understood as it proceeds from the initially described principle, is as follows: take two sides of the square from the previous example. Let's say each side measured in initially at exactly 1 inch, then 1.0001 inches with the higher precision measurement.
You amp it up again- this time the nearest billionth of an inch.
This time, the measurements are as follows: A) 1.000100002 inches, B)1.000100003 inches.
So at a higher level of precision, you realize you never had a perfect square to begin with, at all.
The Mandatory Deviation Principle states this: if any given measurement of an object relative to observation, appears to be symmetrical, a higher degree of precision will eventually prove it is not.
Key insight: there is no such thing as a perfect square, or a perfect hexagon, a perfect pyramid or a perfect sphere.
Implications: every single object existing in our Infinite Universe is unique, and nothing can be measured perfectly, ever, by anyone-unless, of course, you are an eternal consciousness which experiences all of spacetime forever and always.