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The Key To Fighting COVID-19 Is To Stop The Coronavirus From Replicating

Mar 12, 2020
The Key To Fighting COVID-19 Is To Stop The Coronavirus From Replicating NOT to let it proliferate and then leave it up to the immune system to fight it. With 55 million cases and 1.3 million dead, it should be pretty obvious by now that the immunity approach is NOT WORKING. Why not examine our children and youth’s unexplained story of why they are supposedly “immune” to the disease. What if they are NOT “immune” or have super antibodies, what if their bodies are simply capable of producing the conditions that prevent the coronavirus from replicating.

By now the world knows that it takes a 56C temperature to “kill” the coronavirus protein, however you don’t have to “kill” it, you just have to stop it from replicating to prevent the disease. Research shows that most respiratory viruses have an optimal temperature of replication that allows for maximum proliferation, but it also establishes a higher maximum temperature that can actually stop it from replicating. With human derived viruses our natural fevers are normally high enough to stop replication, however when faced with a zoonotic coronavirus that comes from animal’s with a higher core body temperature, it is crucial to be able to maximize our fever to fight it.

It all comes down to metabolism and the body’s ability to maintain body temperature (37C) and produce fever. Children and youths have very high metabolic rates and can produce fevers almost instantly and when infected with the coronavirus are more than likely producing enough heat to prevent virus replication. Sedentary seniors who make up the vast majority of COVID deaths, start out with very low body temperatures (35C) and virtually do not have the metabolism to actually produce any significant fever at all and very likely offer the virus with the most optimal temperature for replication. Ventilator patients are dying by the tens of thousands, WHY, ventilator tubes well down the respiratory tract deliver much cooler air directly to the lungs and again are likely producing the optimal replication conditions for the virus. Diabetics who make up another very significant portion (40% in the US) of COVID deaths in fact suffer from a metabolic disorder called “dysautonomia” which is the failure to regulate body temperature and again are likely allowing increased virus replication. Seasonal cold temperatures have COVID numbers skyrocketing and currently the ONLY approved home treatment for COVID-19 is fever reducing drugs that might unwittingly be the very thing that promotes optimal virus replication.

Could it be that simple? Can you shutdown coronavirus replication BEFORE you need immunity? Can you create the conditions within the human body that stops the coronavirus from replicating BEFORE it wildly proliferates and requires our ill prepared immune systems to have to fight it? If children, youths and healthy adults can do it naturally with effective functioning metabolic rates, surely we can artificially help those that can not simply by warming them up enough to stop virus replication.