The Conglomerate - Universe Creation Theory

Nov 22, 2019
The Conglomerate - Universe Creation Theory

The BIG Bang-Bit Bang was a supermassive white hole – inflation/expansion of energy-matter and information 13.8 billion years ago - spawned by a supermassive black hole at the heart of a galaxy in our parent universe. This duality combines general relativity’s singularities of infinite density in a ‘Cosmic Egg’ birth of this and all universes within The Conglomerate: multiverse without random bubble universes and parallel worlds. Our Universe exists inside the Planck density of that SBH and shares the same boundary/event horizon. That SBH-SWH phase transition was a quantum tunneling umbilical wormhole with energy-matter and information transformed/transferred, though scrambled and encoded. This Universe is 1-in-2 trillion+ offspring each with similar inherited 'DNA'/physical constants. This ‘simple’ cause-and-effect cycle/circle of life – birth-life-death-transformation-rebirth - explains both infinite space and eternity. Reproduction is the simplest plan of continued existence for everything from cells to universes.

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