The Atlantic Weak Force; Historical Gravitational Wave Change(s)

May 26, 2020
It turns out that almost every discovery regarding gravity, earth's motion and flip flopping of the north/south poles does not occur within the vacuum of the variables most immediately observed. From another "discovery" is the rather confirmed theories of the changed of position of the orbits, which in some sense occur all the time, but do go through a change in rapidity of transition to, "quiet periods." (This is sort of like the homeostatic period after orgasm.) Anyway, because the forces are so immense and the orbits have become somewhat customary, while at the same time changing (accounting for variables in pi and vice versa), the influence of planetary positions and changes must be included in the calculations of the inner workings of the earth; the tectonic plates movements and changes; the sun and its magnetic wave changes and the moon, which apparently is attempting to leave us, thus changing the effects upon the earth that are obvious, like tides, which may also include something to do with the transitions and conditions of the weak magnetic field(s) in the South Atlantic region. AF