The aliens are all hanging out on Dyson spheres circling white dwarfs, physicist argues

I can't imagine what the living conditions on, and the social regulations for a Dyson sphere would have to be in order to maintain survival and population. Personally, I would rather wait out the final days of a world's end lining on that world, clinging to what remains of the memories of the world, family, friends and history no longer accessible and palpable. Face it, H. Sapiens has an "expiration date" and so does the Earth. The technological and social challenges of "besting the" natural processes of the Universe may be beyond the capability of any complex life forms.
Before speculating on what intelligent life (aliens?) might do, it might be worth considering what these "people" are made of and under what environmental conditions they managed to evolve from those primitive "prebiotic" amino acids to the structural proteins needed for complex life.. That should rapidly cut down the number of galactic locations out there. Maybe to zero?
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