Take That Back: The Top Scientific Retractions of 2019

Jan 1, 2020
Not long ago, one of my friends from a big pharmaceutical told me they cannot repeat the experiments published in top journals like Nature and Science...I do have some personal experiences readers here might have interests.

Tau is the best index to describe left ventricular diastolic function. 1992, a formula was developed based on FOUR BOLD assumptions and validated at Harvard to measure it. 5 years later, a formal validation was completed at Cleveland and the result was published in a top journal. However, the formula is wrong. I am still curious that how people can prove an incorrect theory with decent experiment.

The truth is I developed the formulas without any of those assumptions to measure Tau. One of my formulas has been already integrated into Mindray's Echo machines sold all over the world except North America. Researchers found it hard for their work based on my formulas to get published in main stream journals due to the Harvard method. My opinion is these two papers should be retracted:

Anybody can give me any advises how to get it done?