Study will test if hydroxychloroquine can prevent COVID-19

May 1, 2020
How irritating it is to see these HCQ studies that are designed to FAIL! The best practitioners who use HCQ always supplement with zinc along with an antibiotic. Dr. Zelenko and Dr. Anthony Cardillo only use it with zinc. In fact Dr. Cardillo says it won't work without the zinc supplementation, since that is the actual virus killer and the HCQ is just an ionophore that lets the zinc enter the cell.

The antibiotic is necessary because there is often an associated bacteriological lung infection. In fact some are speculating that the virus has a symbiotic relationship with the Prevotella bacteria.

If you use the protocol correctly, using zinc and zithromycin, and give it to patients early, Dr. Zelenko and the clinics he has advised in Brazil are seeing a 95% recovery rate. Costa Rico and Turkey have reduced their death rates to practically nothing using these techniques. Apparently only in the USA, where it's political and where it threatens bit Pharma patent medicines is use of the drug controversial.