Student discovers 5,000-year-old sword hidden in Venetian monastery

Mar 26, 2020
More a dagger than a sword
According to Ewert Oakeshott, one of the formost authorities on Swords and Swordcraft, the main difference between a sword and a dagger is not merely length, but the intended purpose. Whilst many daggers, especially in this ancient period, were designed as a tool, with a secondary function as a weapon only if required, the sword was first and foremost a weapon, designed and constructed for the purpose of killing. So the length plays only a small factor in the classification of a sword, with the design playing a large part. Whilst this sword is rather short, it shares many similarities to these early bronze-age swords including its length and construction. It should be noted that Long-swords did not originate until the late bronze-age, 2000 years after this is purported to have have been built.