Stopping the spread of coronavirus: Quarantines go back thousands of years

Mar 15, 2020
It has it's pros and cons but it's all about how you do it. During the Black Plague in England they locked entire families in, the healthy along with the infected. They nailed the doors shut and painted red X's on the doors. In most cases the healthy became infected and all of them died, wiping out entire families. Critics claimed that the practice could have significantly inflated the number of the dead.
The problem with what we're doing today is if it's not mandatory, you could (and we are) seeing people break quarantine. Italy and France are experiencing it now. Italy has police patrolling and since Mar 11 have fined 20,000 businesses ignoring closures and people ignoring quarantines.
Only yesterday Édouard Philippe, the Prime Minister of France decreed that all businesses where people gather "not essential to the life of the country" will close as of Sat Mar 11 at midnight because people were not taking the crisis seriously.