Stan the T. rex just became the most expensive fossil ever sold

Jul 27, 2020
Quoting from the article:

"Anatomical research on Stan revealed the T. rex had likely been through some vicious brawls; it had a broken neck, several other broken bones, healed ribs and a scar on its skull the same size and shape as a T. rex tooth, according to BHI."

end quote

These broken bones and scars could result from encounters during mating rituals. But it must be noted that a broken neck is a little over the top, even for T. rex!

It did not suggest the animal died from a broken neck (but does mention "healed ribs"), so this damage may have been part of a ritual. It could also have been two males, or two females, fighting it out over a third "mate".

Perhaps the broken neck was the coup de grâce of the fight. How else would such a large animal get a broken neck other than being stomped on by another T. rex.? Kick 'em when they are down! It is expected they would not have had much concern over the well-being of their adversary. One wonders about other T. rex fossils and if they have similar scars and broken bones. Some likely do.

White sharks, another large predator, also engage in this stuff. They must get some kind of kick out of it. Perhaps it gooses their juices and let's the two of them "get it on", so to say......
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