Spooky 'blood snow' invades Antarctic island

Dec 12, 2019
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Get used to those foamy oceans, rather than restoring real wetlands to capture biomatter before reaching the oceans, instead, phosphorus was targeted so the matter passed without a bloom. The "wetlands" being restored now are natural marshy areas allowed to flood by the cleanest streams so birds have nesting areas, not useful at all. Real wetlands are the bogs, swamps and deltas, they get oily sheens, foamy, they go anaerobic and kill wildlife and they release tons of methane and noxious gasses while sinking carbon. In total, they are nature's open sewers, composting piles and septic tanks, they do the work because the ocean can't.
Besides being unsightly and having unpleasant odors, they'll occasionally flood and spill their "pollution" into waterways causing blooms and fish kills, also against what the public perceives as "nature". So waterways and flood waters are diverted straight to the ocean, which can't handle the load. Constant pollution that doesn't look bad is acceptable, small pollution that occasionally looks bad is unacceptable to the public.
Is there a solution to destroying the world through "cute animal" environmental activism?