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Nov 12, 2019
Hey folks,

Recently we were hit by a dedicated group of spammers. The issue was raised immediately by one of our Moderators and we worked with them to clear out the live spam posts, but I wanted to also provide a bit more context to the community about issues like this.

Spam (posts designed to promote a 3rd party good/service) is something that's been around since the invention of online interactions. There's no free forum in the world that can eliminate all spam, but there are fantastic tools available to us for keeping it to a minimum.

When a Community Manager sees spam we can take action to prevent that same spam from ever making it live again, which is why using the report option is so valuable. I can't promise the prevention of all spam posts, but I can promise that we're committed to getting ride of it whenever it appears and we'll continue to work on strengthening our security to keep things running smoothly for all of you.

Thanks for your patience, folks!
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