SpaceX Crew-3 mission launch postponed to November 3

Oct 12, 2021
Due to unfavorable weather conditions, NASA postponed the launch of the third SpaceX mission with a crew. The launch was originally scheduled for October 31 at 2:21 AM ET, but has now been pushed back to November 3 at 1:10 AM. NASA hopes that this transfer will be the last for the mission - according to forecasters, on the night of November 3, the weather will be favorable with a probability of 80%. The SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket will be launched from pad 39A at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The live broadcast will begin a few hours earlier - on November 2 at 20:45. Crew Dragon Endurance will include Commander Raja Chari, pilot Tom Marshburn, astronauts Kayla Barron and Matthias Maurer from Germany. Until the start, they will stay at Kennedy Center with their families. The docking of the Crew-3 mission spacecraft with the ISS is scheduled for 23:00 on November 3. The crew will stay in orbit with a scientific mission for approximately six months and will return to Earth in April. SpaceX manned launches are still relatively rare. The Crew-1 mission was launched in November 2020, Crew-2 had to wait in the wings until April 2021. After the civilian mission Inspiration4, the company started thinking about increasing the number of Crew Dragon ships.