Jun 13, 2022
2019 between April n Sept 80th ave n Thomas I looked up and a red dot way up there it was moving but it headed down but zigzag.It was way way up there, "within minutes"it had come way down .Me and 3 others checking this out we all said it's a cloud hiding something the red dot we could see then it was right there real close and it paused and the cloud opened you could here like cape can rockets this ***** was loud a light or power first came about I could see it was a red rocket the cloud was still there and the rocket came all out it was moving slowly I said it's dooms day Im going home I don't want to die over here,I'm going home I was hoping to see some migs this shyt came from space undetected slot of planes were flying out of the airport they weren't far from it they came down at a good or spot. Nothing on the news YouTube, it's still here it flew with rocket thrust huge thing all the technology we have ,failed us were fucked.pardon my French . Thank you Lalo Anaya p.s find this thing it hides in a cloud but the red dot glowes. I saw on YouTube something involving a cloud that hides shyt fracken china and they were showing there invisible cloak like blanket.I have 3 other who witness this!!!