Space X`s mission to Mars

Nov 18, 2020
Almost all people have seen Musk`s latest announcements about the mission to Mars and the test of Starship which is about to use in this mission. As for me, this test was not successful enough but still, there are positive aspects. To Musk`s defense, I should say that the development of the Starship is going on and he doesn`t lose optimism and probably he eventually makes an appropriate spaceship for traveling to the red planet. But from another side, I wanna say that traveling to Mars it`s not a piece of cake, it`s very dangerous for the crew of astronauts who will take part in it and it very costly, I mean this journey and the development for it need a lot of money to be accomplished. There are space projects that can help us to preserve and save Earth. There is one of them. Share your ideas about that topic.


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