Some 'Brain-Boosting' Supplements Contain High Levels of Unapproved Drug

Mar 24, 2021
Every time I read this kind of article, I wonder why people think the FDA is the end all be all for approval of anything. Especially considering the bold and self-righteous move they made to bring charges against Purdue Pharmaceutical. Yes, they made Oxycontin, yes it is addictive. But, remind me please, what agency has the FINAL say in what drugs hit the pharmacy?
And why would people believe that the FDA is above getting "compensated" to approve some things and not others?
There have been several instances where organizations found unsubstantial reasoning or research for the judgements made against some OTC meds. Like they just decided to be arbitrary and ignore millions of people who went above and beyond to show that a specific drug or herb helped them tremendously.
The FDA should NOT HAVE as much authority and leeway as they have managed to acquire over American choice, ESPECIALLY where herbs and pain medication are concerned. My doctor, who KNOWS me and is aware of my health issues, should be left alone to make the decision on what medication I should take. As it stands. people who are not addicts but do have chronic pain are being punished by policies that are a waste of time and very obviously forgotten when these policies are made.
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