Soar over ancient Rome’s temples, brothels and baths in epic new 3D reconstruction

Nov 9, 2023
After seeing the article about ancient Rome in 3D, either I misinterpreted it or I noticed some things that just stick out like neon signs flashing ERROR. It said that upon seeing the museums scale model of ancient Rome in 1974, he felt he could do better and took pictures so he could digitize it. Excuse me but the technology to use computers and to digitize ANYTHING let alone use it to make 3D imagery was not even a possibility at that time and for well over a decade into the future. Think about it. When did computers stop being the old Green Screen type? His claiming that he has the idea to do it in 1974 is a severe stretching of the imagination at the very least. It is a very interesting article, but the technology he was referring to wanting to use was so far in the future that it would mean that either he accidentally gave incorrect information in the story, knowingly gave false information, was clinically delusional, or was/is a time traveler who has to wait for the technology to be invented which is unlikely since to my knowledge they still have not found a way to perform time travel.