Skin microbes betray your age

Jan 6, 2020
I would love to see comprehensive profiles of the various microbes involved in the various organ microbiota for various age groups. The possibility of "back-dating" skin microbiota to that of a previous age artificially and noting the effect of doing so on the skin, if any.

I note that clostridium difficale infection is usually the result of extensive antibiotic treatment removing competitive organisms, and that: though fecal transplant may indeed be an effective treatment, preventive inundation of the intestinal tract with readily available OTC probiotic blends in trillion plus organism per day dosage including enterobacter fecium, various lactobacilli and bifidobacteria, leuconostoc and cervisae for periods of 3 to 6 months following antibiotic treatment also appears to be effective and is simply less disgusting to think about.

I also wonder why Tdap vaccination doesn't include c. difficale along with the tetanus clostridium.