Senior Design Project Increasing the Efficiency of Water Electrolysis (CRITIQUE NEEDED!)

Nov 10, 2023
Hello! We are team Bohemian Rhapsody, a group of seniors at American heritage high school (located in Delray Beach, Florida.) As the capstone program to our pre-engineering course we will dedicate this year to a higher level design project developed by students with a common interest. Our group formed together through our common interest in increasing the cost efficiency of water electrolysis in terms of material cost as well as energy efficiency. We sought to design a hydrogen production cell capable of being stacked for use in industrial settings which made use of recent advancements in acoustic water frustration (see presentation 1, slide 11, for details). Attached below are two slide decks detailing our project, R&D process, and future plans, the first being a full collection of materials and the second being a simplified version for public presentation.

As part of our development process we have also included a form below that we would appreciate tremendously if you would fill out in order to give us critical feedback on our project. Thank you all so very much for your time and assistance.

Google form:

Slide deck 1: ... pHU6o/edit

Slide deck 2: ... KYuUQ/edit
May 20, 2023
Haven't checked the docs (I have Ggl URL-blocked, as you should; long story), but I would suggest you add a parallel prong to your research – not just water electrolysis, separating out the elements, but water desalination, separating out the constituents of seawater. THAT would change the world!
Good luck!