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Question seeding marginal land

Nov 26, 2019
Why dont we get kids to reap seeds from the bush,,,, there are hundreds of seeds in a handful of Eucalyptus ,Then smoke the seeds...when the wet starts eject them from a light aircraft ,if only a few % survive it would be enough
When I was a kid I was trying to graft tomato plants onto potato plants ,,,In the Uk stinging nettles and fat hen are the kings .I was trying to select edible plants but got no support,,,One big omission was not selecting goats,I have seen huge goats yet in the Philippines they are no bigger than cats due to ignorance and laziness.
I bred cows from 600 gallons a year to 2400 a year and Cyril Thornber Bred chickens from 60 eggs to 240a year {with the help of a computer
A good chance was missed in Australia when the Big Red kangaroo was wiped out ,it ate anything like the goat and all that was need was selection over the years