Scientists watched a 'reappearing supernova' explode 5 times in a row — and it could help reveal how fast the universe is expanding

May 24, 2023
Greatest misconception. The Universe is contracting and expanding, while being steered in specific directions, by objects such as "The Great Attractor". This might sound like a Scottish actor, endowed with charisma, class, staggering intellect, humble, sociable. You could say an all-round heterosexual male God among men, also handy in the kitchen and great with kids. Actually, that's just men for you. Edwin Huble, kick started the biggest misnomer in Astronomy and others have built reputations and theories have defined CMB, we've even mapped it out, across the observable universe and think, we got this! Right up to when the JWST, started to really see things, which not only shouldn't exist, breaking the Big Bang Theory and also providing a solid reference, that the universal expansion bubble, didn't burst. Was Huble was experiencing "The Observer Effect"? Turns out that Galaxy's, including the Milky Way, travel through space at incredible velocity. Earth is rotating at a casual 1030 mph, then it starts to speed up as it orbits our G class, 'Yellow Giant' main sequence star "SOL", our Sun at 66,600 mph, this star orbits within the Milky Way at 514,500 mph, our Galactic system speed, relative to the CMB is about 827,000 mph and the entire Milky Way galaxy zips through the local bubble at 1.3 million mph. Put it all together and it's enough to distort your perspective and observations, enhanced by being inside Earth's atmosphere, bringing atmospheric distortion, imperfections in optics and you see where I'm going.