Schrödinger's cat: The favorite, misunderstood pet of quantum mechanics

Jun 11, 2020
Thanks. Yeh. Schrodinger Cat is a symbol of the scientists' illiteracy of the philosophy of science/methodology of science in general; another one- Twin Paradox in Relativity Theory; more known: Zenon's Paradoxes (in history of philosophy or "funny" number, probability, and geometry paradoxes in mathematics. In Schr.Cat case: one forgets that QM is a ...statistical theory and not on an individual "object"(point); then nothing mysterious at all like in a classical theory but if someone applies QM equation to an macro-rigid object it defies its assumption and gets into....funny or virtual conclusions. A v.funny one sees math's symbols used to describe a "wave function of a cat or the whole Universe. Textbooks are proof of such (interpretation) idiocy. The solution is quite simple for a philosopher: semantic realist (Aristotle+A.Tarski).Well, Society of (Dumb) Scientists cannot to admit its mistake and ..repent. (I have a proof of it;ex. I.Stewart, mathematician, UK)
Aug 2, 2020
I have a couple of questions.

Let's say the put the cat's bed in the chamber so that it will be comfortable during the experiment.

Suppose, too, that the chamber is large enough for the cat to walk around in. Let's say the cat's bed is about 3 feet away from the door of the chamber.

If the hydrocyanic acid is released, you obviously don't want to be sticking your head into the chamber to see if the cat is alive or dead, so say you stand off to the side of it, open the door remotely, and wait to see if the cat walks out.

You run the experiment. After an hour, you push the button to open the door. You wait about 3 seconds, and then you see the cat walk out of the chamber.

At what point did the cat become alive? Was it when the door opened and the cat had the potential to be observed? If so, then isn't it the door--part of the chamber itself--that caused the cat's quantum states to collapse into being alive rather than the observation? Or was it when you first saw the cat walk out of the chamber, 3 seconds later? If that's the case, then how did the cat get from it's bed to the door if it was neither alive nor dead?