Satellites spot major oil spill in the Arctic Circle (photos)

Feb 22, 2020
And not only was it not reported in the news, the chances of actually cleaning it up effectively up in that extra-cold water are vanishingly slim. That is why people like myself were so extremely against any drilling up there, due to the inability to clean up their inevitable messes.

Then again, Exxon never has paid for its mess up there - remember the Valdez oil spill, anyone? I do! Big Oil doesn't care one bit about cleaning up their messes... they just want to shovel up as much profit as possible while they are still relevant.
Sep 30, 2020
This is a huge disaster, but I guess if not satellite we would find out about it when it's too late. Today satellites can be used even in medicine. For example, the UK aerospace company is developing a satellite for gathering data from Medtronic cardioverter defibrillators and sending the data to the doctor. So the patient can be cured remotely without the need to walk to the hospital