Reopening the country too soon might lead to 'really serious' consequences, Dr. Fauci warns

Apr 22, 2020
Please be real. Fauci is a long term government bureaucrat who stayed long enough to reach a position of prestige. His main claim to fame is bureaucratic performance. He has failed in the past. He should be a policy maker. But his totally medical issues do not take account of the impact of his policies on the economy and on the lives of the people impacted. Frankly, Dr. Fauci is pushing the Democrat agenda which wants to flatten the economy in order to get at Trump.

Two studies out of California show that the virus is not as problematic as Dr. Fauci suggests. Also, the virus had been in California in November, December and January before the virus was recognized as a problem. We in California got the virus and thought it was the common flu. Can we get real and not fall for the Democrat Party agenda and willingness to destroy the economy in order to harm President Trump. And these references to the Spanish Flu in 1918 are so out of place and unreal today as to suggest the bias of the writer.