Religion in Ancient Mesopotamia

Jan 6, 2020

We are going to look at religions in the ancient world that came out of the river basins of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. This area is sometimes referred to as the cradle of civilization. Latter abstracts will engage some of the dominant religions that enveloped the lives of the common person and the societies they lived in.

This area includes the lands surrounding the Mediterranean Sea from Persia, Egypt to Greece, Italy and the western reaches of the imperialistic Rome.

Looking predominantly at ancient Mesopotamia the area of land bordered by the Tigris and Euphrates river. The influences of religions that came into that area from other cultures. This area is sometimes called the “fertile Crescent”.

A look at the Neo-lithic era, 12000 years ago to the 4th century CE (AD) advent of Christianity which took over much of western civilization.

Information is derived from archeological sources, burial custom’s, tombs and the items associated with the funeral rites.

Second source would come from nonliterary accounts, records of religious ceremonies.

Third source of information comes from construction of the past of religious cultures. An example would be the creation accounts the texts of “Gilgamesh” written around 1800 BC (BCE).

The fourth source are literary representations that do not identify any particular religion but provides a pattern of evidence as to the mindset of a particular culture or civilization. How they viewed man’s relationship to their gods or god or deities they worshipped.

Religion is tightly woven fabric in any culture its aim is to achieve an equilibrium between other human beings and their equilibrium to their gods.

I will glance at mythic discourse folklore genre that plays a fundamental role in a culture that involve gods, demigods or supernatural humans. Myths are often endorsed by rulers, priests or priestesses and closely linked to religion or spirituality and political ideologies in a lot of cases.

Religions past or present follow the Laws of Thermodynamics starting out as a singularity and dissolving into chaos and randomness. Equilibrium between human beings is never achieved civilizations, cultures come and go.

This is a compilation of decades long observation and research in the lands of ancient Mesopotamia to understand my own life. Perhaps it will help you perhaps it will not my choice to make.

We will discuss the nature of religion in the next abstract.