Reincarnation Theory: 26 Principles incl. Theory of Luck Equation + Buddhism's 4 Points

Nov 22, 2019
Reincarna†ion †heory: 26 Principles & Buddhists’ 4 Points includes 11 ways to track an eternal soul, e.g. continued talents (Mt 6:19-21), missions, timeline, “If it ain’t broke…”, law of attraction. Mt 11:14. Conservation laws of mass-energy, (quantum) consciousness & momentum can’t be destroyed – only transferred/transformed. Information can be created, but not destroyed – it can be transferred. Life/mind (like all matter-energy) is wave & particles. Natural selection/”survival of the fittest” assures that humans that help the global system (Gaia) will return as human, Mt 5:5. Heaven & hell are frames-of-mind experienced here-&-now, Mt 4:17.

Theory of Luck 100 = (karma 4 + modesty 1) × (desire 4 + actions 4 + ability 4 + contribution 4 + blessings 4)

Thomas Jefferson…FDR & Eleanor→Barack & Michelle Obama
King David…Oliver Cromwell→George Washington→Robert E. Lee→Dwight David Eisenhower
Nathaniel Greene→Ulysses S. Grant→Omar Bradley
Andrew Jackson→Teddy Roosevelt
Horatio Gates→Stonewall Jackson→Douglas MacArthur
Dr. Joseph Warren→Winfield Scott→George Marshall
John Hancock→Winfield Scott Hancock
George Custer→George Patton
Cleopatra→Mary Magdalen…Abigail Adams→Mary Lincoln→Marilyn Monroe→Janet Jackson
Mary Mother…Ruth Watson
Thomas Paine→Fred Douglass→MLK
Socrates→Aristotle...Copernicus→Kepler→Newton→Gauss→Schwarzchild→Stephen Hawking
Mileva Maric→Janna Levin
Elsa Einstein→Brenda Parker
Euler…David Hilbert→Edward Witten
Eddington→Brian Greene
Monteverdi→Bach→Mozart→Berlioz→Ravel→Chick Corea
Puccini→Andrew Lloyd Webber
Billie Holiday→Mariah Carey
Judy Garland→Beyoncè
Elvis→Bruno Mars
Ingrid Bergman→Jennifer Lawrence
Jim Thorpe→Bo Jackson
Old Tom Morris→Arnold Palmer
Young Tom Morris→Bob Jones→Tiger Woods
Harry Vardon→Jack Nicklaus
Vladimir Lenin→Vladimir Putin
Nero(666)…John Wilkes Booth→Ronald6 Wilson6 Reagan6 (United6 States6 Dollar6)
Saladin…George III→George McClellan→Adolf Hitler→George Walker Bush (Jr.)
Herod→Caligula…Phillip IV…Napoleon→Mussolini→Donald Trump666 (A=49, B50…)
Elijah→John d Baptist…JFK
Eden’s ET→Enoch→Noah …Thoth…Trismegistus…Imhotep…Rama…Krishna…Abraham→Joseph…Zoroaster…Moses→Gideon…Samuel→Solomon…Isaiah…Jeremiah→Pythagoras→Empedocles…Plato…Euclid…Julius Caesar→Jesus Christ…Ptolemy→Origen…King Arthur…Muhammad…Bede…Alhazen…St. Bernard→Fibonacci→Dante→Nicole Oresme→Jeanne d’Arc→DΛ Vinci→Galileo→Carlos Sigϋenza→Franklin→Lincoln→Albert E in st e in→

This is Seal #7 of the "7 Seals"/'Beyond Einstein Theories'; see .
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Dec 11, 2019
Interesting list. As a believer in reincarnation, I do also think the famous and powerful tend to reincarnate as other famous/powerful people. There is a force and energy about them that likely carries over from life to life. Beyond that, it seems pretty dicey to try and identify the specific past lives of the famous and powerful. (But probably fun, I imagine!) I do totally agree, though, that Donald Trump is the reincarnation of Benito Mussolini. Not only is timing perfect (Mussolini died in 1945, Trump was born in 1946) but the similarities in personality and blustery political style are unmistakable. (G.W. Bush and Hitler, not so much -- though one statement by Bush is pretty revealing in that regard. "It's true because I believe it," actually recorded in a video interview.)