Rare quadruplet 'top quarks' created at world's largest atom smasher

Jun 9, 2020
If top quark and Higgs boson masses are true, the universe is metastable, thermodynamically kaput but kinetically jammed.
Given supernovae, hypernovae; magnetars; Kerr black holes; black hole, neutron star, mixed mergers; hyperenergetic cosmic rays, hairless apes'particle accelerators, where's the meat?

60 years of observationally sterile theory is testable in one day in commercial equipment performing three chained, published experiments. Physics' maths, like Euclid, are perfect in all content. Draw a Euclidean 180° triangle on a globe of the Earth. Angles are already marked. Postulates cannot survive falsifying observation. Matterwave interference of chiral molecules can contradict the concept of "wavefunction."

The literature has molecules with multiple contingent chiral centers that will either collapse physics...or the universe. Do not resist looking. Put pentacyclic C11H14 with eight contingent chiral centers into Schrödinger's box, and close. Each chiral center is now a superposition of left- and right-handed. Open the box and look. Each chiral center has a 50% chance of being either hand, 2^8=256 optical isomers, of which only two are chemically possible. There is no escape (DOI: 10.15278/isms.2015.TE07). Physics must thereafter apologize.