Radio signal from 8 billion light-years away could reveal the secrets of the universe's 'dark age'

Oct 18, 2020
The age of the universe is 14 billion years young, and the age of our solar system is four billion years young. The signal from this primal galaxy is eight billion years young, it is twice as old as our galaxy. Life began on this planet some 3.7 billion dollar years ago. Human life began six million years ago. When does life begin in the universe if the first seeds began eight billion years ago? You call it the Dark Age of the universe, or are we walking about Medieval Europe, before the Age of Enlightenment? Of course these are naturally occurring features of a growing universe. We are safe in the belief that we are the only show in the universe. Are we looking for life in the universe, or are we looking for a reflection of ourselves? With better telescopes we will find the truth in the sands of time.