Pub Closure

Nov 30, 2020
Originally Pubs had to deal with the loss of profit due to the decision that the Pubs must close at 10 pm.

Many MPs asked to see the scientific evidence to support this decision but to no avail. The only loose explanation that I heard was to the effect that at the end of the evening alcohol would be taking over and social distancing would then become compromised
Now the decision has been altered to last orders at 10 pm but the pub can stay open to 11pm. This seems to be completely in the face of the previous decision. It now puts a further burden on the publican that he must pay his staff for a further hour for no extra profit. Almost certainly a few drinkers will preorder several drinks at 10pm which destroys the first argument. This extra profit from pre ordered drinks probably will not cover the extra hour overhead
As for the substantial meals argument, research in New York has found that the biggest breeding ground for Covid in New York is in fact Restaurants.


Aug 29, 2020
As the greater majority of infections are getting into households via school kids, then why not close them down to massively reduce infections and deaths?
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