Prominent study showing harm from hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19 patients is retracted


Jul 2, 2020
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Our science has become so would be a fool to believe any of it.

Education does NOT result in critical thinking or intellect. It prevents it.

US Government CDC / NIH Covid-19
Treatment Guideline Panel Members

There appears to be a massive conflict of interest with Panel Members working for or advising Gilead

This is the same panel that put a brake on Hydrochloroquine

Watch the youtube video below from 7mins 50 secs for the financial conflict details also set out below

NIH Covid-19 Treatment Guideline Panel Members

9 members reported links to Gilead
7 more members
(including 2 of the committes 3 leaders)
had links to Gilead that were beyond the 11 months required for formal reporting and
2 other members were on Gileads advisory panel

other NIH Treatment Panel Members were paid consultants or received other financial benefits from Gilead


No members were connected with any company that makes Hydroxychloroquine

FRENCH Financial Conflicts

Separately a French study shows the financial links French Drs approving the formal use of Hydroxychloroquine have to Gilead and the way they voted in favor or against using Hydroxychloroquine appears almost 100% correlated with the amount of money they recieved from Gilead

Our results show a correlation (correlation coefficient = 1) between the amount received from the Gilead Sciences company and public opposition to the use of hydroxychloroquine in France. This should open up the debate on the role of the interest links of doctors with pharmaceutical companies in the medical and scientific public debate.


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