Prominent scientists call for more investigation into origins of coronavirus


Jul 2, 2020
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The difficulty is that so many senior people will be exposed by such an investigation in China and some in the USA

Firstly for not acting properly on funding and doing gain of function research and

Secondly on the response to Covid in 2019/2020 and its possible links to 2012 and

Thirdly by making false statements and withholding extensive medical test data of secret coronavirus deaths in 2012 connected to the nearest known virus to Covid and the later research

Even if it proves not possible to find the origin of Covid these 3 points will be exposed

However if no punishment happens it will encourage future cover ups

The facts as known to date are still coming out however here are some comments on finding the origins of Covid and its initial outbreak in late 2019

Prof George Gao Head of the Chinese CDC and Prof Shi both have a professional liability as researchers and Phd supervisors for withholding critical information related to Covid-19s possible origin, existing medical tests and research from 2012 to 2019 and the way they acted about the initial disclosures and updates from late 2019 about Wuhan/Covid origins right through to now in 2021

If it proves true that they withheld such info it means they should step down from any medical or research bodies particularly if it can be proved they have made deliberately false or misleading statements or have been withholding information related to research or medical tests they knew about and/or supervised

At what point do Chinese academicians have a liability for still not disclosing what they knew and currently know about the extensive SARS/coronavirus medical tests done on Miners who died in 2012 from a SARS/Coronavirus caught in the same caves where Covids nearest known virus was discovered by Prof Shi.

It is now very clear from medical tests quoted in recently discovered Phds that Prof Shi, Prof George Gao and the WIV knew that in 2012 the Miners had died from an unknown bat coronavirus not a fungal infection as Prof Shi tried to claim in early 2020 and even repeated this to the WHO in 2021 as Marion Koopmans reported

We did discuss this question. There were illnesses associated to that mine , thought to be related to fungal infection. It had a thick layer of guano that they removed. Samples were retested for sars cov 2 antibodies and were negative


What was not said was Prof Shi and the WIV were so concerned about a new 2012 SARS/coronavirus that they had tested local villagers blood after the miners died in 2012.

Other separate research papers on the 2012 Miners deaths were previously discovered in 2020 one was an MA written by the Dr who took care of the dead 2012 Miners and a later Phd was supervised by Professor George Gao

Even after these 2020 revelations Profs Shi and Gao did not provide the 2012 medical test data or reveal how much more there was and now in 2021 shown to exist

The 2016 Prof Gao supervised Phd specifically indicated the tests referred to SARS.

The 3 Phds connected to Prof Shi and the WIV from 2014 on and found in May 2021 show even more evidence of SARS/coronavirus medical tests from 2012 and of work related improving coronavirus gain of function processes including to Covids closest known virus

It has now almost certainly the case medical data from 2012 was withheld

May 2021 - Three new Phd papers from Wuhan supervised by Professor Shi between 2013/14 and 2019 show how Prof Shi has withheld key medical data on coronavirus deaths in 2012 with strong links to Covid-19 nearest known virus (discovered by Prof Shi in 2013) and referred to fungal infections

These papers make clear that extensive medical test data from many samples of the 2012 miners blood and tissue exist that Prof Shi / Prof George Gao have known this for many years (Prof Shi almost certainly since 2012), that the WIV was heavily involved in the testing of this blood/tissue and Prof Shi went repeatedly to these caves after the miners died

Prof Shi has stated that recent tests in 2020 showed no sign of Covid-19 in the existing 2012 samples but she does not clarify what the results were for any other general SARS virus tests conducted in 2020 or from 2012 and she hugely understates the amount of tests done in 2012 - this is shown in the 2021 discovered Phd work

All the Chinese research papers mostly Phd work, referred to have been found by independent researchers not academics and are available online.

Prof Shi and Prof Gao have not disputed that they withheld the contents of important MA and Phds - some of these they supervised

This shows they knew a great deal about the possible origins of Covid and that they deliberately withheld this medical and research data

What about the 2019/20 actions related to Covid and how do these fit in with finding its origin ?

The actions show a cover up of both the 2012 and the 2019 events and attempts to hide the true origin by withholding data and making deliberately misleading claims partly referred to above

It has been independently confirmed by a US scientist who worked closely with George Gao that on the 31st December 2019 Prof Gao confirmed by a phone call to the USA that lab tests had confirmed a new coronavirus in Wuhan and that it is now clear these lab tests showed it was SARS.

By the 3rd Jan 2020 the lab tests had absolutely 100% confirmed a new SARS

George Gao suppressed the SARS/Covid-19 data in late 2019 and early 2020 and also the 2012 dead miners medical data

Its long past the time for China to release all the extensive data it has on the Miners who died in 2012 of an unknown bat coronavirus and hold Prof Gao and Shi to account

Dr George Gao as head of Chinese CDC, Covid advisor to Presid Xi and a 2012 Miners Phd supervisor seems a key and central player in covering up both what tests were done and not done on the 2012 miners and what data/samples is/are available and that Prof Shi was misleading the world on this

Dr Gao covered up in real time the covid data in Dec 2019 and early 2020

It is clear that Dr Gao knew something very serious was going on as by the 26/27th Dec 2019 the health authorities had receieved a near-complete sequence of the virus, showing a SARS coronavirus

If you watch the PBS documentary linked below from 20mins and 05 seconds you will see

Peter Daszak (who funneled millions of $ to Prof Shi in Wuhan) is interviewed saying he was in contact with George Gao on the 31st Dec 2019 about the Wuhan Virus outbreak offering to help Prof Gao with the outbreak and making clear he talked to George Gao often and at length
Next is an interview with US Professor Ian Lipkin who says George Gao contacted him on the 31st Dec 2019 with Lipkin saying he was told by Dr Gao of the lab confirmation of a new coronavirus in Wuhan

From around 11 mins 50 seconds you will see the that on the 26/27th Dec a Chinese lab had already confirmed a SARS like coronavirus and notified the health authorities

This can all be viewed on line at PBS or other places - the youtube link below sometimes does not work just try again later or search the net for

China's COVID Secrets (full documentary) | FRONTLINE


So before the 1st Jan 2020 Dr Gao was at the center of the Chinese response and receiving/passing on the information and later making public statements about Covid and communicating with top US health officials

It is not reasonable to say that China or Prof Gao did not later absolutely control and distort what medical data was released on the 2012 Miners via Prof Shi.

Prof George Gao must have known Prof Shi was making deliberately misleading and probably false statements but did not correct them or provide more info

That the Chinese have still not resolved this by releasing samples and full data on the 2012 medical tests, during the repeated and very belated and unclear or misleading updates on the 2012 events, means they are covering up something.

President Xi is also another central player in all this as he publically stated in a Feb. 3 speech to China’s most powerful leaders that he [Presid Xi] had “continuously given verbal and written instructions” since Jan. 7 2020

So George Gao must have briefed or misled President Xi

George Gao Covid Timeline in public domain

Dec. 27: A Chinese lab assembles a near-complete sequence of the virus, showing a SARS coronavirus like that of the 2002-03 SARS outbreak.

The lab alerts health authorities, but the information is kept under wraps.

— Dec. 30: Doctors begin warning about the SARS outbreak independently on social media — share a lab report indicating the pathogen is a SARS virus and warn to wear protective clothing against human to human transmission

31 Dec 2019 George Gao head of Chinese CDC discusses Wuhan Virus with US Professor Lipkin and confirms it is a coronavirus plus has limited contact with Peter Daszak on the Wuhan virus event

Jan. 3, 2020: The Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention obtains a full sequence of the virus but doesn’t release it.

3rd Jan China reports a virus outbreak to the WHO but not that its confirmed as a SARS coronavirus or has almost certain human to human transmission

3 January Robert Redfield, director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), spoke with George Gao, and was alerted to the newly emerging disease in Wuhan but given no data

3rd of Jan 2020 the National CCP and Chinese CDC ordered destruction of Covid-19 patient samples the same day as Dr Gao warned the US CDC by phone that there was a major problem in Wuhan

Either the destroyed virus samples were very dangerous and the WHO and others should have been told or China was hiding the SARS outbreak – either way it was a cover up by George Gao or the Beijing CCP Government not local government.

Human to human transmission was also confirmed by social media as medical staff were getting infected from patients

Liu Dengfeng, a supervisor at the science and education division of China’s National Health Commission, confirmed it was a Beijing Chinese Central CCP government that issued orders on January 3 to labs and medical institutes to destroy Covid-19 patient samples

7th Jan President Xi in full control and issuing instructions on Covid-19 he must therefore have been briefed for some time by George Gao on Wuhan SARS

Jan. 11: WHO says Chinese investigators have conducted gene sequencing of the virus


Prof Gao and Shi still fail to disclose the extensive medical data we now they have on the miners who died in 2012 of an unknown SARS/coronavirus or set out what other medical data there is or what Phds or research has been done but yet not disclosed.

Note China has blocked access to research data that was found online or WIV data that was previously open to view and which should be deposited with the WHO for open access

We can see from the recently released Dr Fauci emails that Dr Andersen expressed serious concerns in late Jan 2020 that Covid could have been engineered and that after this view was publicly changed Dr Andersen received a $1.8million NIH grant.

Only time may show how connected the various opinions Dr Andersen expressed and events were but it highlights just a small part of a big can of worms

Dr. Kristian Andersen email to Dr Fauci uncovered in a Freedom of Information Act request by BuzzFeed News and was from January 31, 2020.

The virologist later added in his email to Dr. Fauci: “We have a good team lined up to look very critically at this, so we should know much more by the end of the weekend.”

Andersen also noted that following discussions with his team that they “all find the genome inconsistent with expectations from evolutionary theory. But we have to look at this much more closely and there are still further analyses to be done, so those opinions could still change.”

In a paper entitled “proximal Origin” from March 17, 2020, Andersen would go on to state the exact opposite in Nature Medicine where he claimed COVID-19 was not created in a lab or “purposefully manipulated.”

Reportedly five months after his paper was published, Andersen received $1.88 million from the Centers for Research in Emerging Infection Diseases (CREID) funding doled out by the NIH.

Kristian Andersen, Ph.D., Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, California
West African Emerging Infectious Disease Research Center (WAEIDRC)
West Africa; 1 U01 AI151812-01

Peter Daszak, Ph.D., EcoHealth Alliance, Inc., New York City
Emerging Infectious Diseases-South East Asia Research Collaboration Hub (EID-SEARCH(link is external))
Southeast Asia; 1 U01 AI151797-01

This funding could just be chance ..... or not ........the timing is odd as is the Peter Dasak funding

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