Possible new 'minimoon' discovered orbiting Earth

May 14, 2020
It is amazing that our nameless moon would have a nameless mini-me. The question was raised on how life may have begun on Earth by grabbing extraterrestrial object traversing our solar system. Is the universe ripe with the seeds of life, or are we self propagating created in our own likeness. Why are all the gods men? All the gods have a fetish for mortal women. Sorry. These mini moons, although they have a short shelf life, tells us a lot about our existence in this universe. Does the cosmos have an abundance of life, or are we the only idiots in the sea? We have to give up on the notion that we are the Crown of Creation. Four billion years from now when the Milky (Great White) Way eats the Andromeda Galaxy, we will have faded away into the ash bin of galactic history. We can live long enough to have a positive inpat on life in the cosmos, or we can be just a fart in the breeze.


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