Question Possible Life span of virus, bacteria, pathogens and such

Aug 22, 2023
I have friends who are very much into locating and digging old, discarded latrines’ (USA) seeking collectable bottles and other old artifacts long since discarded in these pits. Most of the old latrines turn out to be above the water table and thus dry, but some of course are in the water level that they slosh around in, most often barehanded, for hours at a time. My question is, how long, in theory I guess, can human originated virus/bacteria/pathogens and other infectious agents survive in the varied, dry but most often damp or wet, conditions of being buried for a few hundred or less years? It seems to me that some of these possibly dangerous pathogens and such would still be able to have survived during their eventual internment no matter the depth buried, soil conditions, and time therein. Of course, my concerns may very well be groundless but…what If not? I look forward to your reply's and thank you in advance, Buddy, Allegany, NY