Poll: WFH during Covid-19 precautions

WFH during Covid-19 outbreak - how is this affecting you?

  • I am WFH and I love it because... (please comment in thread, esp on communication/delivery strats)

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  • I am WFH and I don't want to because... (please comment in thread)

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  • I am not WFH - I want to but can't because... (please comment in thread)

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  • I cannot WFH and feel... (please comment in thread)

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  • I do not want to WFH because... (please comment in thread)

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Jan 30, 2020
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Hi there. I am fortunate enough to work in the tech sector in the US, and our company has just declared that almost all of us will WFH (work from home) over the next few weeks. I am delighted to skip the commute and spend the day with our pets nearby, and my own awesome coffee in hand. My partner is also in tech but is not yet WFH (it's under discussion at work); they report that the commute is utterly traffic-free, so many others must also be at home here in Silicon Valley.

For my team: We have strict login and communications requirements to make sure everyone stays in touch, and daily standups via videoconference. This is definitely NOT a staycation! Deliverables are still on target and so far (a week and a half in), things are going well. We still have some IT staff and critical admin staff in office to handle things that cannot be done remotely.

I am curious how many others are currently WFH and how this is affecting your life and your companies?
There are many jobs in which WFH is simply not possible, and I want to know how you feel about it as well.
This is a unique point in our modern society, and how we react to and cope with it is of intense interest to me. Thank you for taking part!



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Dec 4, 2019
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I have worked from home for years now and I love it. I wouldn't really change anything about it. The key thing for me, though, is that it sometimes can be a little bit lonely. Normally, I would venture out... go to the coffee shop or hang out at the library just to see other people and have some outside world interaction, but with coronavirus, I'm glad to stay put and work directly from home.
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Nov 12, 2019
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The Live Science Community are all remote workers. We love it! It gives us great flexibility and allows us to have staff stationed all over the world. We have community goobers on the West Coast, the mid west, the east coast, and the UK. It's great for reaching a world wide audience.

There are downsides. It can get lonely sometimes. I spent a week in the office at the end of February and it was really nice having office buddies around. The flipside to that was that my productivity cratered deeper than the deepest holes in Antarctica.

There are pros and cons, but I much prefer working from home. The occasional office visit is certainly nice as well!