Pandemic childcare is way more stressful for moms than dads

May 14, 2020
The pandemic has sent a focused beam on the inequalities that is inherent in our society. The gender inequality and the idea that this is a "man's world" has never left the building. The concept of the "stay-at-home dad sheds light on the fact that men are supposed to be the bread winner of the house and his place is in the "work" force. We don't use the term housewife, we now us the term "stay-at-home" mom, but it is the same damn thing. Society expects women to take on the load of parenting, because that is what women are supposed to do. When it comes to taking on responsibility for the raising of his children, he takes a hands off approach. The average male parenting skills are bare, but he do make a good teacher; due to the fact that men have bigger heads that goes along with their bigger brains. Brainiac. Men need to step-up to the plate and take on more parenting duties that they presently do. Men will not lose their manhood if they take on more parenting and house chores; those things that are designated "women's work". Women have been the work place for a couple of generation and have not grown balls. When men take on less; women have to do more.
A man's life is from sun to sun, but a women's work is never done