Pacific Northwest Ceramics

Sep 7, 2020
Glazed stone tools and ceramic finds in the Salish region - taboo?
I started collecting rocks to wrap for meditation. Then found animalistic features. Now looking at glazes and finishes. Then discovered Salish Museum carbon dating ceramics.
If my collection (I collected a lot) is artifacts then I want to create a meditation centre in memory of my friend who was a indigenous language teacher to all ages. She died suddenly and tragically. These stones with their cultural resonance, would make an amazing anchor for meditation. Help! I have come to understand that this history of flowing migrations and imported skill sets is controversial. Anyone interested in helping me sort and identify is very welcome.



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Sep 7, 2020
Cool ! Lets see if the first nations archeologist says I can sell them or not💌20200911_100120_HDR.jpg


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Looks like you got you a stump theah, boyh! You gonna weah the tip off yo chisel.

Sep 7, 2020
If you value the stone for its ancient energies then it is a dynamic source of energy. That's why I collect them. Here we have several concurrent cultural groups. Have you ever used a 30-60 lens to look at stones? its amazing what a jewellers loupe will do for you. 20200910_124318.jpgIn my area, many stones are marked with a water or pig dragon motif. There is a snout and long serpentine tail. Many are augmented with glazes. The concretion is decked out with amphibole type designs. It could be a natural concretion carved out with details. Or it could be a chimney or kiln. There are two on our property. I like the elephant or pig dragon snout and face. It has a vent in the side and inner walls are plastered smooth. Here's a clay item with the same detail motif. My backyard and those of my neighbours are notoriously clay filled. I cant wait to find out if I get to keep them 20200910_124609_HDR.jpgor not. Have a nice day.
The top one looks like a bad liver. The bottom looks like a turd lump.

My psychic healer SO years ago would program crystals to do things. This led me to think of and mention the crystals in the body of the main character and some others in Orson Scott Card's WYRMS. She said, 'Sharira....the crystals in the cremated bones of high mystics....' . She also thought DNA an antenna for energistic phenomena, tuning it resulting in deification. (I appropriated 'energistic' from Peter F. Hamilton's Confederation universe, as energetic follows in physical sense - energic meaning photonic/electronic.)

A day or so after posting my last, it came to mind my words could seem diminutive, perhaps diminishing, and then self-promoting, at your expense. Alas, I still sometimes get blinded by my capacity for candor and all. I would amend the first line, but apparently have passed the time of edit.
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