Pablo Escobar's 'cocaine hippos' may be helping river ecosystems in Colombia

Mar 30, 2020
The article`s authors are enthusiastic about the hippos returning the ecosystem to a past state but I imagine that the current residents that are being displaced are not so sanguine about it.


Jan 18, 2020
Confounding comment, headings propose Hippos in South America rivers may be good, but last lines in text indicate the suffocation induced in some African rivers from Hipoo poo is terrible. So what?

A flight of species I'd like watching is of Yak, Sheep and other farm animals from Nepal, Tibet, adapted to extreme height and cold weather, sent to Bolivia altiplane, now hosting Llama as biggest animal.

If Nepalese and Tibet animals adapt well to the land, an invitation to some people from Tibet and Nepal settling in Bolivian heights could be considered, let's say 199, those who travelled to Egypt were less than 90, Moshes extracted 300 thousand 'apiru' from Pharao's labor force in 4 generations.

Even if Native Americans have European and Asian roots, some even compare American languages to Greek and its variants, the genetic adaptative mechanisms to height may differ between Bolivia respect to Nepal and Tibet, where Denisovich (Denisova) and other older human species contributed with genes to endure low Oxygen pressure in the air.

Anything improving physical performance in Bolivia heights will help reducing the Coca leave use, a NYAS Annals was about: 'The effects of cocaine on the developing brain', perhaps three generations without Coca leave use may be needed for Bolivians to be in full command of themselves. My prayer for general Hugo Bánzer. Blessings +
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Mar 30, 2020
Don’t you think it is irresponsible to introduce foreign fauna to an ecosystem and displace its current residents? I don’t see what is confounding about that. And what do the fauna of the region have to do with human cocaine use?
Mar 26, 2020
What is confounding is that head or article is about supposed beneficial effects of Hippo released from Escobar's zoo, to conclude listing the bad effects of Hippo on African rivers.

Besides taking advantage of an opportunity to attack an outsider to your tribes, you missed it all the content of Urquiola' post.

Cattle and Sheep were brought to South America by Spaniards, so, Yak and other animals from Tibet and Nepal will pose no bigger nor different challenge to ecosystem from those already there, simply, newcomers could be better adapted, thus yielding better productivity in the output expected from it. A pilot study is always feasible.
The connection to people is that if animals from these Asian high mountains adapt well to Bolivian heights, so may adapt Asian heights' people; arrival of a new set of genes that improve human performance in extreme heights, if these genes differ in Bolivian to Nepalese and Tibet people, may help Bolivia inhabitants resist the workload in the poor oxygen supply there, thus reducing the pressure to use Coca leaves, you know the reason for the ethnic use of Coca leaves is the very hard working is in such high places.
Don't you think people coming from a constant battle desert culture, thriving on other's money (Deut 23,..), or prone to the looting side of double Viking activity, sometimes trading, sometimes ravaging, posed a threat to Native American Human cultures and people?
What nature did not give, Cambridge does not lend.
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