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Mar 17, 2020
To whom it may concern,
Based on current statistics..texting and driving will kill more people than the coronovirus this year.

Crisis propagation is leading to our country's economic demise...can't you all see that? (Just look at your 401k/ retirement accounts if you dont believe it.)

Please STOP .. and think before you publish "drama" related virus info.

Also if possible...please share this on all social media as a way to push back the overaction of the whole country. (due to social media as well).

Rich Gates
Nov 12, 2019
We agree, current statistics show texting and driving to be far more dangerous than a global pandemic. However, those are current statistics. Texting and driving is not contagious. There is a reason the CDC, state, and local governments in the US and other governments around the world take the coronavirus seriously. It can quickly get out of hand, and we don't want you, your loved ones, any members of the community, or frankly anyone in general to be come a statistic. It's tragic when you die by text and driving and equally as tragic to die from a public health crisis.

Please listen to the warnings of your local government officials. Practice social distancing and wash your hands regularly. Do not hoard food and supplies as that will prevent those in need from getting any.

We are closing this thread because it is not a topic to be debated. The coronavirus is real and deadly in many cases. There is no reason to panic if we all collectively take the necessary precautions and treat this virus as the serious danger it is.

Thanks and be safe :)
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