Outer Space - Hot or Not

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Dec 26, 2019
I would be the first one to tell you not to even take my word for what I assert. Example if I tell you that the sky is pink, and I have a PhD in atmospheric conditions let’s say. It is human nature and a fatal flaw that we assume that what we are being told is true. We are intimidated by the degree and we are taught not to ask questions.
All scientific endeavors or learning begins with a simple observation. Newton watched an apple drop and figured out there was some kind of force in play. From that start we end up with gravity and the mathematical equations to explain it.
Simple observation of natural events leads to amazing discoveries. As humans there are 2 cognitive events in our lives, we assert truths by observation, or we are taught, and we mimic what we are taught without questioning the source. To learn requires passion and a dose of common sense. Governments and religions use behavior modification to lead society to a desired result.
Look outside your window and you would see that the sky is not pink but different hues in the lower atmosphere. Simple observation. You would have a clue that I was lying.
A good place to start for you is to look at conservation laws/physics. There is hot and there is cold. Put a glass of water in a microwave and turn it on. It produces a microwave that heats the water up. You can not see the electro wave, but you know it is there. Simple observation if you want to know more then you do the leg work, research multiple source’s to arrive at a concise judgment.
That is so true we are taught not to question. Then when we start to question you find that mostly everything you were taught as a kid is pretty much a lie. Especially when it comes to religion and the mainstream. Now I rarely trust anyone and especially if they come fromacademia or are considered an authority. I trust my own instinct and my own research before I trust what I am told anymore. Don't even get me started on politicians.:LOL:They are the scum and parasites of the Earth as far as I can tell. I am a equal opportunity lender and I despise all politicians I don't care if they are Replicons or Democrypts.