Omicron could kill more than delta without being the fatal reason

Dec 26, 2021
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Iam just pointing out a certain outcome from this strain of covid 19 that as we are told is far milder but more contageous so if NHS staff off duty due to this mild but far more contageous virus keeps that increase of what was it 5% in a few days how many people will die of natural causes due to the isolation period the goverment have set but will not be able to mantain with the nhs and police force on its knees. the military will deploy but how many not enough to stop the chemists first being broken into by the addicrts. thats after the wise people have done the supermarkets and the farms. if we all got the flu a mild flu we would stay off work YES? and this is a mild version of a bastard of a flu.
How could Omicrom kill more than delta without Omicrom being the fatal reason?

Many reason such as:

Less resources available to target illnesses such as cancer... YOu are less likely to get medical attention or seek it currently which is increasing deaths.
Hard to establish, but loneliness, especially in the elderly will see a health deterioration which leads to premature death.
In isolation people are more likely to consume alcohol than if they had been in work.
There are people unable to afford heating on their homes but would be out and about. Now they are homebound.