Observation is to Choice What Space is to Time

Oct 17, 2020
Every particle exists in fundamental spacetime as part of a "single" infinite entity, possessing no beginnings and no ends. By observing these infinite particles through a limited means of observation (interactions of light with our environment at 300,000 km/sec) we alter the trajectory of those infinite particles in accordance with our limited means of observation. Though we cannot predict the future (Heisenberg uncertainty principle) we perpetually impact it in ways we could not ever conceive of just by making observations. I.e., observation and choice are two facets of the same entity. You cannot observe without choosing or choose without observing any more than you can pass time without experiencing space, or move through space without experiencing the passage of time.It is all one and the same. Getting it yet? You should be. The finite speed of light defines our observation (General Relativity) and our choices (Quantum mechanics) which in combination give meaning to our experiences (Let there be light! p.s. to be perfectly clear God is not speaking to me. It just turns out all those people we actively discredit as bigots and fools of a primitive era gone by actually knew a thing or two about a thing or two). Quantum Mechanics is the projector, General Relativity is the screen, and the film is "Eternity As One". God is eternal coherence, we are infinite chaos, and we grow closer to God by becoming coherent. In the same way unicellular organisms learned to co-operate and ultimately came to exist as multi-billion cellular organisms, we must learn to achieve a higher purpose by coming together and forming a higher level of coherence through co-operation. Try as hard as you can to grasp the cause of Dark Matter and Dark Energy, and pursue this information to infinity if you will. It does not matter what you do, you will never truly understand. Gravity is the impact of infinity on our limited capacity for observation. I.e., it is the equalizer between the finite and the infinite that brings everything into balance. God is Eternity as One, all other explanations arise from this indisputable fact; and all along, science has supported this very understanding. Simple, straightforward, and accurate. Any questions?


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