Nuclear fusion reactor core produces more energy than it consumes in world-first demonstration

Mar 4, 2020
They are really hyping this one. It only took them what, 30-35 yrs. to finally get a net gain? It really wasn't a "net" gain, it was a ignition net gain. Not a true input/output gain.

Every few yrs. for the last several decades we here of a fusion breakthru. And at the end of every report they inform us it will only take a few decades now, for our free and clean energy dream to come true. In the 60s, it was fission with this great promise.

Look at how many fission plants could have been built with the resources spent on this. In the last three or four decades time's worth of construction, we could have been 100% nuc power for our electric grid at this time. We could have consumed the waste, using it for fuel for new fission plants. We have a variety of solutions for our problems, but we're too busy arguing about which solution to use. We call this intellect?

What would happen if all the problems for fusion were solved, except for construction? Do you believe the arguing over energy would cease? It didn't in the 70s or 80s.......and it will not in the future.

Like I said we have a variety of solutions for ALL of our problems, but it's like the weather, everyone talks about it, but no one does anything about it. Arguing is the money is. Big Business. And bread and butter for bureaucracies.

Don't think that there won't be any opposition and litigation about fusion power. We have too many lawyers now. That energy won't be free. And it will deprive someone, somewhere, of something, and demand compensation. Save the deuterium fund. Or something.

Cynical? Sad Sack? Bored Complainer? Ask yourself again in 50 yrs. Then join the club.